Mustard Face

by The Substitoots

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released August 3, 2013

Recorded and produced by Joey Green!



all rights reserved


The Substitoots Hawaii

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Track Name: Adgucate
You said it, what'd you say?
Don't lie man, what'd you say?
You said it, what'd you say?
Don't act like what you said's

Nothing at all

You got caught talking shit
Saw it come out your lips
Don't play the victim cos youre far from innocent
Track Name: Bath Salts
You couldnt stop me if you tried
You could tell me to back off, you could tell me to get lost

But while they're pursuing, it's your face i'm chewing
and i'm never gonna stop

Naked High as a bat, While bullets pierce my back
I'll just turn around and growl.
Now everyones all freaked out, I'm not sure what about
Tell my kids not to do drugs
Track Name: Quail
You think that your hot shit, But your just a fucking dick
Everything about you sucks and I hate your fucking guts
The worst part of every days when somebody speaks your name
Your "Friends" say your fucking lame and I think the fucking same
Long story short I fucking hate you

You keep on talking smack, then you'd better watch your back
The last place that you expect is where you'll be getting jacked
I won't apologize, it's too late to rationalize
It's the one life that you deserve while you go out spreading lies
Keep running your mouth
Track Name: Chris Benoit
Hards before Beer and you'll be in the Clear
Unaware that you've already crashed
Puking in sinks, spilling all of your drinks
you've established yourself as the Ass

You always say you want some more
but now youre passed out on the floor

Wasted again but not too soon to drunk dial you
Spilling my guts while my dignity runs down my pants and then into my shoe.

Dressed to impress with no one left at the show
Fashionably late while everybody goes
Home to sleep off all the rancid party fouls
Bulls sit on your mouth to empty out their bowels
Track Name: Malcolm
Walks around in a green shirt, the girls all know he loves to flirt
he's malcolm
Walks around in his short pants the girls all know he loves to dance
he's malcolm

Track Name: White, Barry Sanders
Sitting in class with ideas, but not a clue how to bring them to life
But I'll try, Cos DIY, And because I just cant sit by

I know it'll kill me inside, to watch as my life passes by
Fuck That

Draw up a flyer for a fest, make up a name that doesn't exist
And soon it will and shit will get real

And then you can live out your dreams, See bands that youve never seen
Hang out and make memories

Fuck Yeah

You can wait your whole life to, have someone else bring to you
Just what you want but the chances aren't good.
Or you can make your own rules to have things play out the way you
see in your head, get out of your bed and make moves

You can't help but feel at your best, when your favorite bands become your friends

Fuck Yeah
Track Name: 420 MPH
I got a job, dont have a car
I ride a skateboard, I'm going far
Dont wanna stop, to deal with you
Im gonna do what I gotta do

Headphones in, I smoked a bowl
DA Inner Sound Yall, that DE LA SOUL
You sit in traffic, Gas prices up
I'm passing by, because yer stuck
Track Name: Axe Questions (Hair, Body & Brain Wash)
You could say a lot of things and most of which I wont agree
But I'll just bite my tongue, til it's bloody and numb
The laws in place that keep us "safe", the lies are built til truths are faked
and it doesn't make sense, cos it makes them more cents

Shop until you fucking drop, spending money you dont got
on things you dont need, with lots of hungry to feed
I dont know about you now, I feel you are ignoring how
You should be more aware, wipe off that dumb looking stare

We're wising up to watch your system crumble down
Nobody wants a dildo in a tie to hang around

Politics are full of dicks who rip you off and get you sick
Pass a bill into the state for them to love and you to hate
Play up a catastrophe, blow it up over TV
Let's stand tall, flex and pose while they pull one under our nose

Two ID's for New ID, A hundred bucks for Jaywalking
None of this makes sense to me
Prescribe a drug that poisons me, Punish me for smoking weed
None of this makes sense to me